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Skyline 3D 1.0

Skyline 3D is a screensaver with a computer-made video of a Nissan Skyline car
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Outrix Corporation

Skyline 3D is a shareware screensaver for Windows. This screen saver features a video of the smart Nissan Skyline car. The car is parked in the middle of a street, in a city with high commercial buildings, with very modern architecture. The car is blue and has been tuned up with some cool yellow and red designs, and it also has a running engine with blue fumes for us to admire.

There is not a single soul in the street, just the car and the buildings. The car does not move, but the camera does, so we have the opportunity to view it from lots of different angles, and experience how the car looks from above, back, front, close-up, and so on. We are allowed to select the camera delay, as well as set the quality of the video (high, medium, and low). It is possible to change the video mode settings, music volume, enable or disable sound, choose to show the time format (12-hour or 24-hour), etc. We can evaluate this product free of charge. Skyline 3D runs under Windows Vista, and XP operating systems.

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  • If you like Nissan Skyline car, then this is the right screen saver for you
  • Customizable options
  • Free demo
  • Free updates


  • None
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